A Bit About Latootha



 Hello my little milk teeth, my name is Latootha Molheiress. I was born in Canada and live next door to my brothers- Premolar Timouthy and Molar Moe. I also have a sister, Molly Molar, who I butt heads with frequently. My favourite hobby is getting twice daily massages. I am pampered and rubbed with a frothy paste that smells quite minty. I am then waxed with floss. I have created this website to share my favourite products with my fanbase. I hope you enjoy my Latootha, Latootha Fairy and Latootha Baby Products ♡             

Happy Shopping my loves, xoxo Latootha



Proceeds Help Support Fellow Canadians!

Here at Latootha we are passionate that all Canadians deserve access to dental care. We will be donating 15% of all profits to support the Alberta Dental Foundation. 

The Alberta Dental Foundation is a new charitable organization dedicated to improving access to dental care for underserved and lower-income Albertans. By providing financial support and facilitating dental services to those with limited access to dental care, we strive to improve the overall health and well-being of those in our community. 





Latootha was created by Danielle, a dental professional from Edmonton, Alberta, who has a passion for accessories and a passion for dentistry. She wanted to create a website for people like her who love jewelry, accessories and all things cute AND also have a love for everything dental. She came up with the idea for this website as she struggled to find a website where she could order cute dental related Christmas gifts for the staff. Besides running her online business and providing dental care to her lovely patients, she also spends the bulk of time with her new baby girl. Hope you enjoy the site.  Welcome to Latootha!